03 Jul 2020 | LFS News

Link Fund Solutions Covid-19 statement

Update to Link Fund Solutions Covid-19 statement

In these very challenging times, our priority at Link Fund Solutions is to ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of our people and to continue to deliver a quality service for our customers and clients. Our robust Business Continuity Plans continue to evolve in conjunction with local government and health guidance and regulation to ensure the ongoing operational resilience of our business, as well as the safety of our colleagues. We continue to take every necessary step to keep our workplaces safe for our employees who are working in our offices and provide support for those that are working from home.  With 80 per cent of our global workforce currently working from home, our remote working practices are firmly embedded into our business, allowing our productivity to be maintained throughout the rollout of these significant changes to our ways of working life.

We have imposed travel restrictions on all but absolutely essential business travel, both internationally and between our offices and empowered our employees to replace face to face meetings by video or audio conference, ensuring availability and an undisrupted service delivery throughout this crisis.

While all of our business lines continue to operate as normal, we ask our customers and clients to work with us in embracing these necessary, yet functional, changes to how we conduct our business during this crisis and where possible, replace all physical communication, instruction and payment with electronic equivalents. With your support and understanding we can continue to protect the ongoing health and wellbeing of our people, while minimising the contagion risk and providing our clients and customers with the continued high service levels you deserve.

If you have any queries please contact our Customer Service Department on 0345 055 0606 (Personal Pension Plan members) or 0345 603 0142 (Stakeholder Pension Plan members).

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