About our funds

Our funds invest in a range of underlying funds provided by other respected UK fund managers. We work with these professional fund managers to provide a wide choice of funds suitable for pension investment.

We use external fund managers for their expertise and because it creates efficiencies that we can pass on as overall cost savings to you. If you invested separately into each of the underlying funds it could be more expensive.

We invest in funds run by UK fund managers including , Aberdeen Asset Management and Legal & General Investment Management.

How we manage the funds

We select and review this range of funds in conjunction with our investment advisers. All the funds we invest in are subject to extensive due diligence assessments both before and after investment. Our Investment Oversight Committee regularly monitors and reviews the performance of our full fund range, to ensure each fund is meeting its investment objective.

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Fund name Category Sell Buy Change Valuation date Key documents FT1 FT2 FT3 FT4
Fund name Unit price Valuation date Key documents FT5
LF Global Developed Index Personal Pension Fund Equity Funds 155.63 155.63 -0.26 08 Aug 2022 FT1 FT3 FT4
LF UK Gilt Personal Pension Fund Gilt Funds 272.29 272.29 -0.14 08 Aug 2022 FT1 FT3 FT4
LF Cautious Managed Personal Pension Fund Mixed Asset Funds 355.44 355.44 -0.79 08 Aug 2022 FT1 FT3 FT4
LF Global Multi-Index Personal Pension Fund Mixed Asset Funds 388.72 388.72 -0.03 08 Aug 2022 FT1 FT3 FT4
LF Cash Personal Pension Fund Money Market Funds 151.19 151.19 -0.02 08 Aug 2022 FT1 FT2 FT3 FT4
LF Global Developed Index Pension Fund 241.63 08 Aug 2022 FT5
LF Sterling Corporate Bond Index Pension Fund 199.53 08 Aug 2022 FT5
LF Cash Pension Fund 143.23 08 Aug 2022 FT5


Covid-19 Update

Posted 03 Jul 2020 | LFS News

Update to Link Fund Solutions Covid-19 statement

LF Money Markets Pension Fund – change of underlying investment fund and fund name

Posted 10 Jan 2019 | LFS News

The underlying investment fund into which the fund invests, the Janus Henderson Money Market Unit Trust, is closing and will be replaced by the LGIM Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund (which is managed by Legal and General Investment Management Limited). In addition, the LF Money Markets Pension Fund will be renamed “LF Cash Pension Fund”.

LF Cash Personal Pension Plan change of underlying investment fund

Posted 11 Jan 2019 | LFS News

The underlying investment fund into which the fund invests is the Janus Henderson Money Market Unit Trust. This Fund is closing on 14th January. The LGIM Sterling Lquidity Plus Fund has been identified as a replacement. This is managed by Legal and General Investment Managers Limited

JFM acquired by Capita

Posted 19 Oct 2015 | JFM News

The business process management firm Capita has acquired Vertex Mortgage Services, which includes Jessop Fund Managers (JFM), for £35 million.

‘Advisers must manage client expectations post-April’: JFM

Posted 26 Feb 2015 | Industry

The impending pension changes could raise client expectations beyond realistic levels, David Hughes, managing director of JFM, has warned. Mr Hughes, managing director of the pension investment management firm, said the reforms, which come into force on 6 April, could create fresh challenges for advisers because of client attitudes.

What does 2015 hold for advisers and the pensions market?

Posted 19 Dec 2014 | Insight

As we move into an era of greater pension freedom, the general public will have more choice and control over how they access the money they have saved for retirement. It will become more important than ever for advisers to help their clients to understand the risks associated with depleting their retirement savings too soon.

Time to prepare for ‘pension freedom’

Posted 07 Nov 2014 | Insight

I have believed for some time that greater flexibility and simplicity are needed in the pensions market. The government’s changes are certainly a step in the right direction. Savers should have the freedom to choose how to access their money.

Low-cost launch to exploit capped drawdown carve-out

Posted 07 Oct 2014 | Industry

A specialist pension asset manager has become the latest to set to exploit a carve-out in the new pensions freedoms that will allow retirees to maintain an annual allowance four times higher than under new drawdown rules if they are already in ‘capped’ drawdown prior to next April.